Add a subheading (1).pngWe want our social media platforms to be a welcoming space where people feel comfortable talking to us and each other. We ask that anyone engaging with our social media channels shows courtesy, kindness and respect for all other members.

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We are here to help in any way that we can, but we expect users to offer us the same level of courtesy that we offer them, which is why we have a short set of house rules: 

  • Do not bully, harass, intimidate, defame, abuse or threaten any individual or organisation, or use obscene or profane words, or words intended to hurt or offend.
  • Do not post or share false or misleading information on our platforms. Any such information will be removed immediately.
  • Do not post comments that are personal – either to you or our staff. If you’ve a complaint to make against an individual please use our proper complaints process. 
  • Do not post content that promotes discrimination based on the protected characteristics; age, disability, gender, martial status, pregnancy, race, religion and sexual orientation.
  • Do not post spam (including persistent negative posts intended to provoke a response) or off-topic content, including promotional material and links to external websites.

Where the above rules are broken we will remove messages and/or disable comments (where function allows). Anyone repeatedly engaging with us using content or language which falls into the above categories will be blocked and/or reported to the associated social media platform. We will not tolerate or respond to abusive messages.

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