RESTORE2™ is freely available to download. However, before using, you must ensure your staff have received appropriate training to use the tool safely. This includes (as a minimum) staff having completed physical observation training and competencies as well as online training in NEWS2 and deterioration and the organisation having processes in place to maintain and calibrate observation equipment. We strongly recommend that you frequently audit compliance and outcomes when using RESTORE2™. The organisation implementing and using RESTORE2™ has sole responsibility for ensure its appropriate use. RESTORE2 List of approved resources July 2020

New online video training for care home staff

Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICB  and Wessex and the West of England Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), funded by Health Education England, have collaborated to produce a series of free videos and e-learning materials to support staff working in care homes to care for residents who are at risk of deterioration.

The short videos are available online here and describe how to take measurements from residents correctly (such as blood pressure and oxygen saturation), spots the signs of deterioration, and prevent the spread of infection.


RESTORE2™ was developed by Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICB in collaboration with the Wessex Academic Health Science Network. The ambition is that the package remains free to use across any relevant healthcare provider. This agreement entitles the named organisation to access and use all of the trademarked and copyrighted paper based RESTORE2™ deterioration and training products and to disseminate these among relevant providers of healthcare as part of physical deterioration initiatives within their locality.

The social agreement outlines the commitments that both the sponsoring organisation (the organisation promoting the roll out of RESTORE2™) and the receiving organisation (care or nursing home) make to ensure the successful adoption of RESTORE2™. It is not a binding legal contract but is helpful in supporting all parties to understand their role in the programme.

Social Agreement

HOMES Awareness raising poster for care and nursing homes, outlining the benefits that other homes and professionals have noted through the use of RESTORE2™

RESTORE2 benefits for homes



For areas using paper charts, this poster informs staff of the requirements for completing a NEWS2 observations chart correctly.

RESTORE2 how to complete a NEWS2 observation chart



This poster re-enforces to staff the importance of following up abnormal vital signs with more monitoring.

RESTORE2 How often should I repeat vital signs



GP receptionists are crucial in the process of receiving and escalating the concerns of homes. This poster supports receptionists to manage information conveyed using RESTORE2™ and ensures that information is sent to clinical decision makers in a timely and safe way.

RESTORE2 GP Receptionists What to do when a home calls



Awareness raising poster for GP practices, outlining the benefits of RESTORE2™ for GPs and practices

Benefits to GP practices



It is critical that frontline ambulance staff as well as NHS111 call handlers are aware of NEWS2 and the homes using RESTORE2™ so that they know to ask or look for the information contained in RESTORE2™. This poster raises awareness and highlights the benefits to the ambulance service (999 and 111).

RESTORE2 benefits for the ambulance service



This poster introduces people to the key elements of NEWS2 – great to display around the premises to raise awareness. Suitable for care and nursing homes, GP practices and ambulance trusts.

RESTORE2 NEWS2 poster generic use



Posters displaying FAQs and answers for RESTORE2™

RESTORE2 questions and answers1



Posters displaying FAQs and answers for RESTORE2™

RESTORE2 questions and observations2


Health and Care Innovations (HCI) has partnered with the AHSN Network, Hampshire and Isle Wight ICB, West of England AHSN and Wessex AHSN to produce 14 videos on NEWS and deterioration specifically for care and nursing homes.

The videos are based around the RESTORE2™ journey and cover:

  • Introduction to Serious Illness for Carers
  • Treatment Escalation Plans and Resuscitation
  • Soft Signs of Deterioration
  • NEWS – What Is It?
  • Measuring the Respiratory Rate
  • Measuring Oxygen Saturation
  • Measuring Blood Pressure
  • Measuring the Heart Rate
  • Measuring Level of Alertness
  • Measuring Temperature
  • Calculating and Recording a NEWS Score
  • Structured Communication and Escalation
  • Recognising Deterioration with a Learning Disability
  • Preventing the Spread of Infection

Recognising and Responding to the Unwell Person in Community Settings is available on the Health Education England e-Learning for Health platform

In order to access any e-LfH programme, you will need an e-LfH account. If you do not have one, then you can register by selecting the Register button below. It is free and you do not need an email account.

If you already have an account with e-LfH, then you can enrol on to the News and Deterioration programme by logging in to the e-LfH Hub, selecting My Account > Enrolment and selecting the programme. You can then access the programme immediately in the My e-Learning section. Learning section

Search for: Deterioration, NEWS and Sepsis in Care Homes

Select: News and Deterioration > Deterioration, NEWS and Sepsis in Care Homes

Select: Recognising and Responding to the Unwell Person in Community Settings. This will allow you to access the 14 videos and gain a certificate of completion.


The new RESTORE2™ rollout workbook is available for download or professional printing. The workforce can be used by trainers to cascade train or given directly to care home staff.

RESTORE2TM Rollout Workbook April2020 

RESTORE2TM Rollout Workbook Digital Tablet optimised

A print proof version is available from NHS Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICB (50mbfile by transfer).

This RESTORE2™ training presentation has been developed to support the structured rollout of RESTORE2™. You can select and download modules to teach individually or deliver the entire package, face to face or via a virtual platform. The package has been developed using the experience of CCG’s who have rolled out RESTORE2™ in clinical practice. Slide decks can be localised but slides should not be changed. Original files available from NHS Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICB in Adobe InDesign format.

Learning about RESTORE2 Training Notes

RESTORE2 Training Pack All Modules2020 

RESTORE2 Training Pack Introduction to RESTORE2

RESTORE2 Training Pack Soft signs

RESTORE2 Training Pack Understanding the person you care for

RESTORE2 Training Pack Vital signs and NEWS a

RESTORE2 Training Pack Vital signs and NEWS b

RESTORE2 Training Pack Escalation

RESTORE2 Training Pack Structured Communication

RESTORE2 Training Pack RESTORE2 in Practice

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