Experience the future of care management with Digital Social Care Records (DSCRs). DSCRs revolutionise how care information is recorded and accessed in social care settings.

Create tailored care plans for residents, storing essential details like medications, dietary needs, and preferences. DSCRs promote collaboration by securely sharing real-time data across the health and care sector.

Join the Digital Social Care Programme's mission to have more CQC-registered adult social care providers use DSCRs by 2025. Free up time for better care delivery and integrate with other remote care tools.

Choose from accredited DSCR solution providers on the NHS-approved Assured Supplier List, ensuring top-notch reliability and standards.

Unlock the potential of DSCRs and explore the Assured Supplier List here: Assured Supplier List for social care | Digital Social Care. Embrace a more efficient, person-centred future of care.


Digital social care records, also known as digital care plans, ensure care teams have the most accurate, timely information at their fingertips to provide outstanding care.  More information can be found about digital social care records here.

If your organisation is interested in switching from paper recording methods to using a digital social care record the Digital Social Care team can help.  We are currently offering the following funding to help you to buy and pay for the upkeep of DSCRs for the first 12 months:

The Digital Social Care Team will contribute to the cost of the purchase and implementation of your new digital social care record.

We won't tell you which digital social care record to buy, but we do ask that you do choose it from the list of NHS approved suppliers for such a system, you can view the list of approved digital social care record suppliers here, it gets routinely updated as new providers come on the market.

Next Steps

If you are interested in obtaining funding to buy a digital social care record to use in your care home, please complete the expression of interest form here, once this has been completed we will contact you to continue the process to help you buy the digital social care record of your choice.

Please note:  This is the last year of funding, please submit expressions of interest on or before 29th March 2025.

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