The Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is an online data protection assessment. It is a compulsory requirement to complete the DSPT assessment if you:

  • Have an NHS Mail Account
  • Have access to any NHS digital records
  • Contract with the NHS

Why is the DSPT important?

All CQC registered care providers will need to complete this data protection assessment (regardless of whether or not you have an existing NHS Mail Account).

Some of you will already be familiar with the DSPT, but all care providers need to take action (even if you have made a DSPT submission in the last 12 months). Hampshire Care Association provide support to assist care providers with this process.

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit is an online self-assessment tool that allows health and social care organisations to provide assurance that they are undertaking good data security and that personal information is handled correctly. To check and improve your current data and cyber security arrangements.

If you are a new care provider in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, or even if you are an established provider, it is in your best interest to complete the Data Security and Protection Toolkit as it will allow you access to NHS online services such as NHSmail and CHIE and be in a better position to contract with the NHS. 

Digital technology is constantly advancing, because of this, the DSPT needs to be reviewed by care providers at least once a year. If it isn't, your DSPT will not be valid anymore it will not be able to be used as evidence of the standards that you have reached.

If you have not completed your DSPT for the first time, or you need to review and republish it, it is best start now. Hampshire Care Association can help you through the entire process and give you all the help and advice you might need.

If you are a social care provider and need help with completing the DSPT, Hampshire Care Association's Digital Champions will be to assist.  Click here to complete the online enquiry form and they will get in contact to support you.

Introduction to DSPT

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